“The Tyranny of Algorithms”
“A.I.volution: Nature or Nurture...or Not sure?”
“The A.I.conoclasm and the Cave Dwellers”

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A.I. Trilogy - 2019

.....The only new work that I have seemed able to concentrate on during 2019 has been focused on A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). Its growing influence in almost every sphere of our ever-accelerating world of opportunities and advancing possibilities is both exciting yet somehow threatening. These three images were all produced - as usual – as completely individual “responsive doodles” as my thoughts and reflections react to my own particular experiences.
.....Although I began with “The Tyranny of Algorithms” back around February and finished it around May I didn't put it on my website as an individual image/piece of work as I started to realise that something was not finished. The same happened with “A.I.volution: Nature or Nurture...or Not sure?” so I left them both – just waiting to see if there was anything else to say!
..... Sure enough, “The A.I.conoclast and the Cave Dwellers” arrived during October/November and my “trilogy” was complete. I've tried explaining each one as a separate entity but in reality they portray for me, what is actually one “whole”. It is always a challenge (but that's what I love) to put my thoughts into images but then I find it increasingly difficult, translating the image into some form of coherent explanation. I know this isn't necessary as everyone will interpret each piece in their own way – but again, I love the challenge!
..... Anyway – if you have the time to read about each individual image (I've tried not to drone on too long) I hope you find them interesting.


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