If you don't know me personally, or the early years of my artwork you may have found this page searching for "CanArt" on the web - so here is a little basic background information!

I'm afraid I haven't produced any recycled drinks can art for many years now but here is some info that you may find useful.

Creating my "art" from drinks cans was actually something I started back in 1980 (before re-cycling had been embraced as anything worthwhile - I used to call myself a "super-scrap-man" back then) and I my sold my pieces exclusively from my stand at Covent Garden, London (1980 - 1994). This work was all hand-made and consisted of a number of popular designs which are very distinct from my "CanArt" work.

CanArt - as it became known - was commercially produced for the brewery trade by the company Atlantic Art, which a benevolent entrepreneur partner and I founded in 1994. I designed a series of framed images that were produced primarily for the brewery and drinks promotion industry but were also sold through a number of small galleries and art shops. However, the company - Atlantic Art - only produced CanArt from 1994 until 2000 when it ceased trading. The CanArt pieces made by the company were cut and etched by a "state of the art laser" which my partner pioneered (at eye-watering costs) and which now no longer exists, and so any CanArt you may have is quite rare - only a thousand or so of even the most popular designs were ever made but in most cases just a few hundreds and sometimes only tens of the designs were ever made. They have become quite collectable items now and I see them come up on ebay from time to time; some go relatively cheaply but I have seen the rarer ones fetch quite amazing prices. There were some Limited Edition works which I also produced - Motorcycles, Knights in Armour, Playing card "Kings" and F1 Race Cars to name a few - look out for those, there weren't a lot made, and none of the editions were ever completed!

Thank you for your continued interest in my CanArt but as of 1st Jan 2013 - can I please ask you not to contact me regarding your CanArt pieces purely for valuations because the answer is always the same - They are worth what somebody will pay for them! and I do not have the time to answer specific queries any more!

One more thing - beware of more recent creations described as "can art". There is nothing wrong with them - but only an image with a "lasered CanArt logo" is the real thing!

In the future, should I have any other news of interest to CanArt collectors that I think you should know - I will post it here!