I am regularly asked whether I have given up selling my work ... the answer is no!
What I have given up is selling my work at Covent Garden - after 42 years. I'm afraid age has finally caught up with me.

Covent Garden has been the most fantastic place to show my work, which in my opinion is at the very heart of the "Capital of the World"!
Just being part of the most eclectic, creative and independant group of people you could find anywhere, was one of the
most enriching elements of my life - another has been simply meeting and interacting with the people that pass through the
market who literally come from "all over the world".

Finally of course, I owe my biggest thank you to all my customers that bought and still continue to buy my work - because
without you I would never have been able to continue there for so long and producing everything that is on my website.
So thanks for all the memories and photos you sent to me!

However, I will not be giving up my real work, you will still find new "pieces" on my site intermittently - as my life and thoughts hopefully progress.

Please contact me by email or telephone with your enquiries and I will be happy to give you
any more information you require regarding sizes, print substrates, availability and prices etc.

Telephone....... 01582 488351
Mobile................07930 981480


All payments can be made safely through PayPal or BACS and I am happy to mail work to anywhere in the world!

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