Welcome to Different Aspects - by Martin Allen.

I've been creating "things" (call them what you will) all my life. But for over 40 years now, I've had the privelege of making my living from these "visual creations", "sculptures", "artwork"? Viewing the content of my website you will see a wide variety in my constructions and the various techniques of capturing them for printable images. Taking them in sequence over the years (and they are just a selection of all that I've created over that time) I can now see in retrospect that they are a sort of visual "blog". It is a visual diary - not just a record of the development of my creative techniques - but of the changes in my life over this time. But much more importantly to me, I can see, it is a record of my reactions, reasoning or purely experimental testing in and of my life's personal experiences. So much so that I remember vividly creating each one of them and the emotions they still stir.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my work - as much as I enjoyed and still enjoy producing it. Of course you may only be interested in looking at the images but if there is any piece of work that you are interested in buying, you will find some basic information on sizes, availability and how to buy here - but please do not hesitate to contact me direct with any specific enquiries.

However, most of the sculpture/photography work that I completed through the 1980's & 90's there is only a limited supply now - (in the original material) although I have produced some "copy prints" - but please contact me if you would like further details on these.

My latest pieces (2000's - and onwards), are produced in two main formats: as a Limited Edition artwork - and a poster version.

The Limited Edition pieces are individually printed and so can be produced in a range of sizes up to A0+ (and even bigger for bespoke enquiries). Also the L/e artwork can be "Giclée" printed onto a variety of substrates: mainly top quality archival art papers but also metal, plastics and even glass. These pieces are all individually signed, numbered and recorded as unique in the edition.



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