The work displayed in this section (1980's and 90's) was all produced photographically - although not through what might be called normal methods - most of it is shot on large format 5" x 4" reversal (transparency) film and 5" x 4" black and white film, then hand-tinted.

My work with photography started with the usual 35mm camera, the sort almost everyone is familiar with today. I used it purely as a way of recording the artwork/sculpture I was producing: at first not very well at all.

However, being self-taught, and probably because of some of the mistakes and strange shots I took, I began to discover the potential creativity of the tool I was using; I could give my work a new interpretation purely by the way it was photographed. It was not long before photography became an integral, and eventually the major medium for recording my work.

Working with and incorporating photography into my work in this way the images I resulted from numerous different techniques involving many forms of subject matter, type and size of film or camera. Mode of exposure is also very important - indeed sometimes not actually using a camera at all to expose the film.

The images on display are just some of my more "accessible" titled pieces but they give a pretty comprehensive view of my techniques. The actual photographic prints are much sharper of course. Just click on the individual thumbnails to enlarge and some images also have extra information on how they were created in the details page - buttons are at bottom right of enlarged images.

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