Although these images are based purely on my own personal thoughts, trials and tribulations, (obviously - because no one can ever truly speak for another person) I do believe there to be among them, some universal thoughts and ideas. At the very least they are a type of visual autobiography of my life. These are my reflections on some of the plain old conundrums that I suspect we have all wrestled with at different times in our lives.

Having been born into a 'working class' family of the early 1950's from the Derbyshire Peak District of middle England - I am on the surface, to state the obvious - a very different person to say, a West coast American billionaire, or a Chinese peasant: or am I? Surely, we all grow through life; and although with varying passions and aspirations, we all have dreams. We all experience happiness and sadness, love and hate; we all reach a point at times when we ask, "what is this all about"?

This is why I titled the "whole body" of my work - "Different Aspects" - being the various views of life as I see it: up to now that is! The images are about growing up, being educated, beliefs and faiths, fighting for truths - against dogma. The commonality of philosophies, morals, desires, religions, sex, and 101 other "isms" we are confronted and seduced by along the way.

You will find that all the currently displayed pieces of work are titled, (not all my work is). To some I have also added a brief one-line interpretation of the titles, which you may agree or disagree with of course. Also, if you click on the detail panels to the bottom right of the main images you will find that I am - when time permits - trying to include an extended "story" about each individual image. You will also find the details of which pieces are for sale.

If you should chose to view the images in the chronological order they are laid out, I believe you will begin to see the on-going progression and maturing of my art form: I think I may have matured a bit myself too!

Anyway, I know from experience, discussing my images with people over many years now, that no two people interpret them in the same way - I welcome your response - good or bad! (Feb 2004)