With the ever-improving technology in the digital printing revolution, it is now possible to make an extremely faithful copy of almost any form of art, with accurate colour and detail reproduction. However, as with all new technologies (and their associated materials) it is only natural to want to push the boundaries of their own intrinsic qualities. And so this collection of work is actually created digitally, making full use of the incredible technology that is available today - i.e. using it for actually creating the imagery - not just for reproducing older techniques. This gives these images two interesting features - the first being that digital work is produced "pixel perfect" (rather like digital sound…..sharp and clear) and so if needed - can easily be customised or individually altered for commissions, i.e. colours, sizes and formats can all be changed. But the main point about a "digitally created image" is that each one - is the "original". This is because they're not copies of anything else - they did not exist until they were digitally "created"! One last point! I have worked as an artist for over 25 years now - and with almost every medium available - but I cannot begin to explain the extraordinary creative impact that this medium will eventually have on all the arts.