"To be, or meta be...?" 2022

Meta 1 [met-uh] adjective
pertaining to or noting a story, conversation, character, etc., that consciously references or comments upon its own subject or features, often in the form of parody:

..... It's over three months since I finished working on this image, during which time I must have had over 100 attempts at a title that comes close to an explanation: it's impossible! However, I have still given it a title and so maybe I should just leave it at that - but I can't - so here's a very quick explanation. What I'm alluding to is the way we all live our lives today. We inhabit our “real world” and we have our online presence – to a greater or lesser degree. e.g. Mine is minimal, except for my website and I don't use social media. But for the people already living a large part of their lives in/through the Metaverse, I think they at least, will probably grasp my Shakespearesque visual metaphor title - “To be, or meta be...?” - an undefined, unfinished, unanswerable question which is emerging from the growing fissure between reality, and the illusionary world of AR.

.....Should anyone else be in the slightest bit interested in what I mean, I am going to try to give a fuller explanation at some point in the future about how I see this strange and potentially dangerous state of existence (for some) has come about. And how the so-called BIG TECH in today's world is set to shape our future.


.....This is spooky, I've just seen the actual news headline on today's BBC front page, it reads -
“Plan to make BIG TECH remove harmful content axed” 29.11.2022

.....So I think I'll just take some time out here before continuing, as I want to consider my explanation of this next section carefully because I've arrived at the crux of the piece: the one in the image. And you may recognise it - re-worked from “The Question of Being: Origin of the Specious?” from 2015.

To be continued...or maybe I've said all I can!





"To be, or meta be...?" 2022