."Earthlife: A Terrascopic Superposition." . 2021

I suppose all I can say about this image is that it is the continuation of my piece "Tenuous Circumstances" from last year – my continued musings on Shrödinger's Paradox.

Okay, so the title - Earthlife: A Terrascopic Superposition - is simply imagining “what if our Earth is just the equivalent of some Planet-sized quantum-particle
(check out Carl Sagan's book “Pale Blue Dot”) and thus by being quantum on some unknown universal scale, we are just one half of all possibilities, but a very active particle
busily aggregating Infinite Experiential data AND Imagination for when ONE irrevocable binary choice will be made by some mind-boggling
superior intelligence billions of years* from now. (*That being calculated by Earth-time measurement...and even accepting the concept of past, present and future!)

Maybe when we understand more as our little planet evolves, we may begin to resolve more of Earth's problems caused by the various factions
that claim to “know” the truth! Oh dear, I'm back again to my - “The Question of Being: Origin of the Specious?” from 2015.
So I'm pretty sure that I will need to keep updating and re-writing these notes.