Through the Glass darkly

Brief story about the image

There is really nothing positive I can say about this image - positive in the sense of it being a particularly uplifting image. Technically, I think it was my first move away from flooding the background with colour, as in the 4 Seasons and "Aspirations". From the start the grotesquely shaped glassware took on a menacing look, and the sombre, incomplete lighting only enhanced that feeling. It was also the first time I had used a short focal length (f5.6) giving the front/centre a sort of tension, with its out of focus blurring.

Creatively, what I think of the image, is that it is still one one my favourites for capturing a sensation. I can only explain it by saying, I was going through a phase of personal futility at this particular time, and for some reason on seeing the printed image, I recalled the phrase about growing older and viewing the world through a glass darkly.

For whatever the reasons, whilst I was working on this shot, I was certainly viewing the world Through the Glass Darkly, A very different sensation to when I shot "Aspirations" two years earlier.

Availability of image

Through the Glass darkly is available signed/unframed in three sizes of hand-printed gloss Cibachrome*. It is individually mounted (matted) in either black or white. The mount is a quality artcard but flexible enough to be rolled for despatch. You will be able to put the work straight into a frame of the same size, or should you wish to, put a thicker conventional mount around the image area.The first dimensions are the Cibachrome followed by the overall dimensions of the mount.

*A gloss "Cibachrome" - not to be confused with the matt version, or any other product - is the highest quality photographic print, taken from transparency film as opposed to a negative. It is an extremely high gloss, plastic type of material, perfect for the image content of my work.


Photo-size 1 ....250mm x 200mm (10" x 8") into 500mm x 400mm (20" x16" approx).

Photo-size 2.....400mm x 300mm (16" x 12") into 600mm x 500mm (24" x 20" approx).

Photo-size 3.....500mm x 400mm (20" x 16") into 800mm x 600mm (31.5" x 23.5" approx).

Photo-size 4 ....You can specify a bespoke size of print or style of mount.

Prices on application - dependent on size, specification and presentation.


For those interested in photography

  1. The work was shot on my trusty old "Kodak of London" (circa 1920's) SPECIALIST 3 MODEL, using 5" x 4" format.
  2. The lens used was an old "Wray" f203mm.
  3. The film was Kodak Ektachrome 6118 (tungsten balanced)
  4. Aperture set at f5.6, exposure time 1/4sec.
  5. The finished photographic prints are hand printed gloss Cibachromes. i.e. an extremely high gloss plastic-like, top quality photographic medium.