The Aspirations of Youth

Brief story about this image

The Aspirations of Youth came about through the continuation of "doodling" with glass rod, (doodling being a practice which my work relies heavily on). Using the same glass rod with which I constructed the 4 Seasons, I decided to drip a large number of the different thicknesses of rod. One crucial thing to mention here is that the week before I produced the glasswork for this image, I had just bought my trusty old "Kodak" half-plate camera. It was only when I had completed the glasswork and illuminated it that I knew I had captured something special - something special for me that is - it was an old sensation from within myself. The glasswork was literally glowing in front of me, and the view of it through the lens immediately gave me one of those strange shivers of excitement. For those who don't know, when viewing the object through a plate camera, the image you see is upside down. As I had arranged the glass bubbles to be dripping downwards, I still remember the sensation on looking through the lens, I suddendly saw the image reversed - the bubbles were now floating upwards. I got a sensation of something I hadn't felt for some time, a feeling I remembered from when I was probably in my teens - when I believed anything was possible.

When time is endless and dreams are limitless.

For me - looking back - it's interesting that I produced this work in 1984 at the age of 31.

Compare this image with Through the Glass Darkly which I produced only two years later.

Availability of this image

The Aspirations of Youth is available signed/unframed in three sizes of hand-printed gloss Cibachrome*. It is individually mounted (matted) in either black or white. The mount is a quality artcard but flexible enough to be rolled for despatch. You will be able to put the work straight into a frame of the same size, or should you wish to, put a thicker conventional mount around the image area.The first dimensions are the Cibachrome followed by the overall dimensions of the mount.

*A gloss "Cibachrome" - not to be confused with the matt version, or any other product - is the highest quality photographic print, taken from transparency film as opposed to a negative. It is an extremely high gloss, plastic type of material, perfect for the image content of my work.


Photo-size 1 ....250mm x 200mm (10" x 8") into 500mm x 400mm (20" x16" approx).

Photo-size 2.....400mm x 300mm (16" x 12") into 600mm x 500mm (24" x 20" approx).

Photo-size 3.....500mm x 400mm (20" x 16") into 800mm x 600mm (31.5" x 23.5" approx).

Photo-size 4 ....You can specify a bespoke size of print or style of mount.

Prices on application - dependent on size, specification and presentation.

Lithographic prints.....One size only - unmounted, printed on quality 250gsm art paper. Overall size 625mm x 440mm. (24" x 17" approx)


For those interested in photography

  1. The work was shot on my trusty old "Kodak of London" (circa 1920's) SPECIALIST 3 MODEL, using 5" x 4" format.
  2. The lens used was an old "Wray" f203mm.
  3. The film was Kodak Ektachrome 6118 (tungsten balanced)
  4. Aperture set at f16, exposure time 2 secs.
  5. The finished photographic prints are hand printed gloss Cibachromes. i.e. an extremely high gloss plastic-like, top quality photographic medium.