..."Truth exists: only lies are invented" - 2003

A quick intro to this image. It contains various "roots"!

I originally built this big mouth piece during one of my usual "doodling-about" sessions but it ended up being a sort of reactionary warning to myself of the events that were happening at this time – 2003. The invasion of Iraq was imminent and we were getting so many conflicting reports on the so-called WMD but no one had any definitive proof - one way or the other. Also – the machinations and workings of the “mouthpiece” are usually invisible so I decided to add the wording “Beware of the Dogma” on the sign. Strangely, it's a phrase I'd used on a series that I produced back in 1991 during the first Gulf War but the words seemed even more appropriate now....be careful who you believe as everyone is pushing their own point of view.

However – as there seemed to be no “absolute” proof to either side of this argument at the time, and certainly no one was going to tell the general public anyway - because minds had seemingly been made up to “go to war” regardless! The final title came about from my discovery of a phrase penned by the French artist - George Braque.

Truth exists: only lies are invented.



.."Truth exists: only lies are invented" (George Braque 1882 - 1963).......2003. - some of the detail at 50% resolution