Time Being:
The Kinetics of Truth


To explain this image I would need to write a book – even then I'm probably not able to put it into words - however, here's a few examples of what I'm trying to explain.

E.g. 1 It has always seemed to me that we spend a lot of time remembering (retelling events or how things used to be etc.) and a lot more time looking to the future (planning for next week or ideas for a holiday) all well and good, and they are things that need to be done. However, it is the time we spend involved in the past and the future that can sometimes become unbalanced because in actual fact it is the present where we should be concentrating – the “here and now” is where reality exists and the only time/place where anything can physically be achieved. e.g. spending time wishing I'd kept fitter when I was younger or maybe feeling guilty for not getting up early this morning for a run, or fantasising that I will try to do it tomorrow – or some day soon, all these guilty thoughts might eventually and hopefully spur me on: but I can only truly “do” things in the moment – I need to put my running shoes on, get out and do it now, kinetically in the present!

E.g. 2 The main part of this image is the re-structuring of my “dogma-model” from a piece of work that I produced in 2003 (the image on the front of my website) “Truth exists: only lies are invented”. On the “details” page about this image I explain that at the time when/why I produced it, that no one could determine the truth about the whereabouts - or existence even - of the WMD at the start of the 2003 Iraq war. Now some 13 years later and numerous inquiries on from that time, the “dogma-model” is being updated and will eventually be fully renovated - for a short period at least – because the continuous trickle of information into the present time - year by month by day by second is the kinetics in this continuum..

E.g. 3 Inaccessible to our human brain there must be total truth all the time in some dimension of space/time where - even though we live in our present time (time being) with deception, obfuscation and lying – everything just IS. And this is absolute truth all the time - if we could comprehend it. However, for whatever purpose it suits our sophisticated or maybe primitive human brain – in all the different types of societies we've created - we play with time when revealing the whole truth.
We have the “Thirty year rule” in the U.K. before government documents are released – so a simple question is “When does something become the truth – at the time of it happening or when it is acknowledged?”

So maybe truth is like a film/movie – you can hold the DVD of a film in your hand and in that single instant the whole story exists (the complete truth). However, you have to take two hours to discover that which already existed at the beginning (two hours earlier) but was inaccessible without time. And of course Law Courts are doing this all the time, searching, attempting to uncover “The Truth”, which of course already exists – but unknown.

Time Being: The Kinetics of Truth


Another very mind-bending thought is – maybe we are just going through the “motions of a life” whilst actually all we are doing is unravelling - through time - the end result or hidden truth which already exists???

Another thought has come to me about the kinetics involved here – maybe we all have a much more sophisticated grasp of truth and use it more cleverly than we realise. Maybe it's like using credit on a card, we move this “truth” currency into debit and credit when it suits us – paying back the Christmas overspend in February. If we hold back some of the truth for a while we allow something to happen or stop something happening that otherwise might not have (i.e. we use our judgement in the moment to engineer which “truth” is most important). E.g. if we're asked by friends whether we'd like to go to dinner and we decline saying we're not well - that's fine! until next day another acquaintance tells your friend you were out with them. More shuffling of truths become necessary. And the all time classic of course - “Does my bum look big in this?”

Imagine not having this facility, never even telling little white lies. I think it's fair to say that the world couldn't operate.


One last thought - facts and truth are obviously not the same. Facts can be interpreted from completely opposite points of view to suit a particular purpose. The world is getting warmer – fact? Yes and No - we're also told that the earth's core is cooling. Is man responsible for global warming? Yes and No depending on whose interpretation of the facts you believe because nobody can truly answer that question beyond doubt.
And I won't even mention Brexit and the U.S. Election results!