"Tenuous Circumstances" . 2020

I'm not sure that I could ever fully explain this image: it's just my muse on a subject of which both content and explanation are way above my meagre grasp. However, it's a subject that has interested me for a long time, purely because it's fun to try to imagine the contortions and possibilities of a conundrum that still induces mind-bending propositions in the scientific world. It is of course the thought experiment of Shrödinger's Cat - or Paradox. (just Google it if you're interested)


Having said that, all the clues in the image are to do with "Quantum Entanglement." The sign is a reference to the "Copenhagen Interpretation." (again - Google it) Both the cat – "Shrödinger's" of course - and the "negative" reversed earth (simply representing all matter in its differing scale and substance) are in the same paradox...that is - assuming what's good for the cat applies to all matter. But then that begs the obvious question – could everything be in this state of suspension between both life and death at the same time? Is everything just waiting to be observed by some ultimate observer?


But even so – in my muse, no matter what conclusion science, philosophy or metaphysics ever prove about Quantum Entanglement, it would still not in itself answer the even bigger question of whether we actually have the free will or choice to do anything about it?

Therefore I suppose this image is my bigger question -
“Could life and all of creation be some dynamic, interwoven, multi-dimensional matrix, in which we sensorily experience some semblance of control of events: whereas we actually have no influence at all – we and everything, are the perpetually changing state of Quantum Entanglement?”

Oh b*******! It's easier to say that life is just a series of both good and bad, unexpected and surprising - Tenuous Circumstances.