This image took me quite a while to interpret and eventually title - I was probably thinking about it (on and off) for a couple of months from the time I finished it to titling it.

I originally constructed just a question mark in a confined space and it seemed to depict a sort of stultifying of enquiry. However after having turned the "dot" of the question mark into a ball-and-chain, I then interpreted it as something captured or "convicted" - and so it became an image depicting the conviction of enquiry.

Having lived with that idea for a while, I began to muse over the word "apprehension" instead - as this is a fascinating word which has a range of uses. It can imply a fearful dread of the future; an understanding or a grasp of something; and more relative to this image, the moment of capture or arrest - all very different definitions but this is why it became a real possibility for interpreting the image.

However, I finally "saw" what it was that I'd captured - as with all my work it was a part of me - but this was something remembered from a long time ago. It goes to the core of so many things I've done, been involved with, spent time/wasted time on, before I've asked myself - "Why am I doing this - for what reason?" And some of the answers I arrived at led me right back to my childhood: I had been taught to do some of the things I was querying or disagreed with when I was a boy! Yet I was - and still am - shackled to things I haven't yet fully reasoned out why, so now it wasn't apprehension but misapprehension that became the key word.

Of course "reason" is another, altogether different, multi-layered and fascinating word on which to muse! 22.01.11

"A Misapprehension of Reason" - detail