I am asked about this image a lot - and it is basically the corollary of my previous piece "Man or Isms".

I suppose to me "The Man Between" represents the old idiom "Between a Rock and a Hard Place". The scale and frequency of such dilemmas vary greatly during our lives: sometimes being a trivial decision that needs making, sometimes something much bigger.

However, for me personally I think I arrived at this latest depiction (I did produce an earlier version over 20 years ago - you will find it in my 80's section) showing the "Rock" as the ethereal or metaphysical world where all the questions and conundrums of my life are shown up as inscriptions of "isms" engraved onto it:- philosophical, spiritual, metaphysical, political, religious & pseudo-religious dogmas, plus a rag-bag of other "Isms".

The "Hard Place" in the image is the vicelike object of the actual/real world. This is where I have to physically exist - earning a living, paying a mortgage etc. 14.10.10





"The Man Between" - detail