"Infatuation" - 2007

Verb (used with object) infatuated, infatuating.

To inspire or possess with a foolish or unreasoning passion, as of love.

As I see it, infatuation has to be made up of two parts - the objective and subjective.
However, it is sometimes difficult to distiguish between the object that sets out to beguile, enthrall or hypnotise even - and the subject that is ultimately seduced.

What is obvious, is that we expend an incredible amount of energy when we are in this almost "existential" state.

BUT - no matter how much energy is expended at this stage - it is just a game in pursuit of a dream and consummation of the infatuation - whether that be love, a glamourous new career, or some new, potentially lucrative business venture - exists only in another "dimension" altogether!


........"Infatuation" - some of the detail at 30% resolution