"Day 8: Blind Panic." - 2009

In Genesis – the story that I was brought up with as a child - “The Creation” always confused me (not to mention everything else). So this image is just my interpretation of what came next.

The story is obviously an allegory passed on from ancient times to explain our place in the universe but what is meant by the seven “days” that we are told it took to create everything? Why not nine or seventeen because each “day” could represent a measurement of billions of years. Then the other weird thing for me is that this all takes place in just the first two chapters of Genesis and then appears to be complete, finished, a fait accompli – and that's it!

But surely after these seven “days” of creating – after God's had his or her rest he would surely take a good long look at his handy work, then when he's fully reviewed it, would probably want to tweak it a bit. And sure enough, even by chapter three we see a problem, “The Fall of Man” seduced by the pesky little Eve.

And so my quandary is whether we've just been at -

Day 8: Blind Panic – ever since Chapter 3. It would explain a lot!

.....to be continued!

....."Day 8: Blind Panic." - detail