Alea iacta est: Science, Faith or Chance - 2014


A quick intro to this image. It contains various "roots"!

Alea iacta est ...[a:lea jakta est] -. "The die is cast"

This phrase is attributed to Julius Caesar, as he led his army across the Rubicon (river) on January 10, 49 BC.The phrase is still used today to mean that events have passed a point of no return - that something will inevitably happen. And of course, throughout history, mankind has sought ways to predict an outcome - to foresee the future even.

Also on the theme of dice, Albert Einstein famously stated "God does not play dice with the universe". (Conjecture on Einstein's part? Too many different perceptions of GOD to interprete this).

So, my muse is - first of all who or what cast the die? (or dice) but equally important - what strain of human imagination can possibly predict the outcome?

Science, Faith or Chance?

Or are they all studies of the same concept....with different names? 25.4.14

A fuller explanation will arrive at some point!

............."Alea iacta est: Science, Faith or Chance" - some of the detail at 100% resolution